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Goldis Berhad ("Goldis") was incorporated in Malaysia on 1 June 2000 as a private company under the name of Dimensi Subuh Sdn Bhd and was converted to a public company on 23 November 2000. It was renamed Gold IS Berhad on 31 January 2001 and subsequently renamed as Goldis Berhad on 8 July 2005.

Goldis assumed the listing status of Tan & Tan Developments Berhad ("Tan & Tan") following the implementation of the merger exercise between Tan & Tan and IGB Corporation Berhad ("IGB").

As a result of the merger, IGB emerged as one of the largest mega property corporations in Malaysia and Goldis became the major substantial shareholder of IGB. Goldis is an investment company with private equity investments in Malaysia and China. Goldis focuses on Life Sciences, Water/wastewater treatment, Information Communications Technology (ICT) and Organic Aquaculture.

The principal investment strategy of Goldis has always been to continuously identify and invest in sectors with high growth potential and to build businesses within those sectors.
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