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IGB Corporation Berhad

IGB Corporation Berhad ("IGB"), a subsidiary of Goldis Berhad, was incorporated in Malaysia as a limited company on 12 November 1964 as Ipoh Garden Limited, listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad on 10 September 1981 and assumed its present name in February 1984. IGB is principally an investment holding and property investment company and is also engaged in retail, hotel operations, property development, property management, construction and education.

IGB is famed for its development of the iconic Mid Valley, a 50 acre mixed-use urban development project which comprises two retail malls, three hotels with over 1,600 rooms, seven office towers with over 2.67 million square metres of net lettable area and 228 service apartments. Mid Valley is perhaps most well-known for its retail malls, both of which have evolved into household names. Mid Valley Megamall and The Gardens Mall have a combined net lettable area (NLA) of approximately 2.6 million square feet and home to over 650 tenants.

Its commercial property investment business remains a bedrock of its core business, with office space of currently 2.2 million square feet of NLA, with another 800,000 square feet under construction.

IGB’s hotel operations spans 16 local and foreign hotels with over 6,500 rooms.  

IGB recently ventured into education and is the owner of the IGB International School at Sierramas, with a total capacity of 1,400 students.

Its residential property business is led by the renowned Tan & Tan Development Bhd, which is responsible for many landmark projects in the country. Its current projects are focused mainly on niche medium-to-high-end residential markets.

Future projects include the Southkey and 18@Medini mixed-use projects in Johor as well as mixed-use projects in London, United Kingdom and Bangkok, Thailand.

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GTower Sdn Bhd

The Green and Smart Address that Works Whenever You Do

We take pride in being industry leaders and adopting progressive environmental standards and practices that demonstrate our commitment to corporate social responsibility. We are constantly evaluating the way we build and manage our property, looking for innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint and minimize our impact on the planet. Through sustainable building management, we are able to reduce demand for natural resources like energy, water and minimize our impact on the environment.

GTower is designed for environmental efficiency.

GTower presents an updated take on today’s office spaces where the best Green and Smart features are combined to create an address with integrated 24/7 facilities and services suitable for working at any hour of the day.

In today’s environment where business is conducted regardless of the time of day, GTower is the first Malaysian building offering Grade A++ offices that integrates every working requirement conceivable into a single hub.

GTower is located at a prime address in the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s business centres. Building on GTower’s close proximity to the business community, commercial and embassy districts, a central location increases the opportunity for collaborative partnerships, connections and engagement.

GTower stands out as a unique icon featuring the hallmarks of unparalleled design, concierge services, comfort, high intelligence, high security and eco-friendliness environment. Hosting a modern Art Deco façade, its facilities set the new benchmark on how commercial spaces are created

GREEN & SMART Features

Tenants of GTower enjoy a whole range of both Green and Smart hardware features designed into the very DNA of the building. Offering premium Grade A++ commercial spaces, the 30-storey development is designed to provide better working environment for temporary, short-term and long-term businesses.

GTower Green concept promotes healthy and productive indoor environment. Natural light, appropriate lighting and outside air management improve tenants’ satisfaction and create a more productive working experience.

At the core of its function, tenants and visitors alike benefit from GTower’s Multimedia Super Corridor ("MSC") specifications, which provides fast and reliable connectivity and its Green credentials, (Green Mark Gold from the Building and Construction Authority of Singapore) provides a healthier, more energy efficient workspace for today’s green-conscious corporation.

Connectivity: Access To The Future

GTower is integrated in providing ‘On Demand’ giga-bandwidth connectivity streaming though the building’s fibre optic and Cat 6 cabling. This feature is further supplemented with fully redundant dual feed power supplies to ISP gateways thus ensuring fast and reliable connectivity at any hour of the day.

As a MSC status building, GTower also hosts a dedicated Data Centre facility with 24 hour IT Enquiry line, and an Intelligent Building Management System which monitors everything from environment quality (internal and external) to being linked with emergency services like police, fire brigade and ambulance. Qualified MSC status start-up companies also benefit from Incubation space and mentoring services from GTower’s Cybercentre Management.

Bringing Green into the Workspace

In recognition of Goldis Group’s efforts in promoting sustainability and a “greener planet”, the Singapore Government’s Building and Construction Authority has awarded GTower with a Green Mark Gold Certification.

GTower commitment lies in the idea of benchmarking our present environmental footprint and continuously improving it on a yearly basis. GTower is serious about maintaining our industry position as a leader in sustainable operations and targeting at annual reduction in electricity and water use.

GTower incorporates the latest in Green Building Technology (GBTs) to achieve a better sustainable, low energy environment.

GTower’s ongoing efforts to green focuses on the five essential pillars of green construction:

• Energy Efficiency
• Water Efficiency
• Environmental Protection
• Indoor Environmental Quality
• Other Green Features and Innovation


At GTower, depending on the business model or need, tenants choose from a variety of differing office set-ups most suited to their needs. From Duplex Corporate Offices to short termed fully furnished FLEXOffices & Cubes; all office set ups in GTower benefit from the building’s inbuilt SMART and GREEN features.

Even start-up businesses looking to establish a foothold in one of Asia’s top business destinations can benefit from a corporate address that brooks no further introduction via GTower’s Virtual Office services, granting these companies a work address right in the heart of the city.

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G City Club Hotel Sdn Bhd


GTower Hotel is a chic contemporary hotel designed for Business Travel. GTower Hotel is located within GTower and its CBD strategic location places it within convenient reach of Kuala Lumpur’s major commercial and business centres.

With 180 contemporary designed rooms the hotel offers all kinds of desirable modern amenities including state of the art high-speed broadband, WiFi hotspots, IP telephony and access to The Club.

The Club offers in-house guests all-day dining with a menu of hearty dishes whilst light bites and great cocktails are available at the Bridge Bar. Guests can either relax by GTower Hotel pool side, exclusively for hotel guests to use or take advantage of Elements Gym 32,000 sq ft state of the art fitness centre with another infinity pool.

GTower Hotel is designed for Business Travel and offers a multitude of meeting spaces, private board rooms, function rooms and relaxing lounges. Our award winning Concierge team and guest relations officers are trained to handle every request.


Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards (HAPA) 2013 – 2015

HAPA Hotel of the Year - Extraordinary Stay - GTower Hotel
HAPA Housekeeping Excellence - GTower Hotel
HAPA Front Office Excellence - GTower Hotel

TripAdvisor Awards 2014

2014 Certificate of Excellence - GTower Hotel

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Sonata Vision Sdn Bhd


Perched on the 28th Floor of GTower, The Club goes beyond the concept of an executive lounge and is elevated to cater to the needs of today’s business executive. Despite its auspicious address in the Kuala Lumpur city centre, The Club exudes a calm and discreet venue in which to sample the lounge’s best culinary dishes.

The Club has modern contemporary approach with sound proof boardrooms, lounge areas for informal discussion, a high speed internet corner, business and IT concierge.


The Bridge Bar is constructed stylishly out of environmental friendly and recycled materials. Its warm relaxing ambience makes it a perfect place to unwind after a hard day’s work. Panels of transparent glass floor, sporting vertigo inducing views from 28 storeys up is a unique key point in making the bridge bar as the perfect venue for one-on-one meetings, momentous private celebrations, and executive luncheons and dinners.


Dubbed as one of the most lauded restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, this award-winning restaurant echoes fresh concept with modern elegance interior. Tanzini is focused on providing fresh and delicious cuisine based on rich and hearty food from the Modern European home kitchen. Creative, exciting and always surprising, our kitchen will delight all with new recipes and menus from time to time.

On level 29 of Tanzini, Upperdeck offers diners a unique experience right ‘under-the-stars’ with distinctive star-lights fixtures. Set in a double volume rooftop pavilion, Upperdeck has spectacular views of the Kuala Lumpur skyline complete with an exclusive private cigar lounge for an exquisite fine dining experience besides offering an exclusive event space for special celebrations and corporate events.

Tanzini has become the venue of choice for casual, corporate and occasional dining.


The View occupies 9,000 sq ft space that is able to accommodate 400 guests at any one time. Despite the building being nestled in the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur, View Rooftop Bar located in the highest floor of GTower, offers a vibrant atmosphere and panoramic view of the city with a surprising degree of intimacy.

With its iconic designs and luxe ambience, View Rooftop Bar pleasure. To aid those sightings, the View is designed in glass, set within a steel framework and used the latest techniques in sustainable development. The result is astonishing, full of wits and panache, literally raising the bar to new heights!

The unique al fresco experience emphasizes the natural light with a rooftop garden setting and depicts exclusivity, environment conscious and is the epitome of luxury. It is spaciously surrounded by energy efficient air conditioning system.


Bread Lounge serves premium quality coffee to assorted handmade artisan breads, pastries and freshly made sandwiches from breakfast to late evening munch. Our promise is to deliver quality bread to you right from the oven. From the dough moulded by our baker, we use only the finest ingredients for our products ensuring that you not only get great tasting bread but proper nourishment for your body.

The towering 5-metre tall chilli sculpture in the middle of the venue is the iconic symbol of Bread Lounge.


The Malaysia International Gourmet Festival (MIGF) 2014
Taste MIGF Awards People's Choice
Most Innovative Cuisine at Taste MIGF – Tanzini
Most Creative Food Presentation at Taste MIGF – Tanzini
Taste MIGF Awards Judges' Choice
Most Creative Restaurant Station at Taste MIGF – Tanzini
Most Innovative Cuisine at Taste MIGF - Tanzini
Festival Awards Festival Diners' Choice
Best Restaurant Ambience - Tanzini
Most Outstanding Starter – Cold - Tanzini
Most Outstanding Dining Experience - Tanzini
Festival Awards Judges' Choice
Best Festival Offers - Tanzini
Most Creative Menu of the Festival - Tanzini
Best Marketed Restaurant - Tanzini
Golden Cauldron Award for the Best All-Round Restaurant 2014 - Tanzini

The Malaysia International Gourmet Festival (MIGF) 2015
Taste MIGF Awards Festival Diner's Choice
Most Outstanding Canape – Tanzini
Most Outstanding Main Course – Fish/ Poultry – Tanzini
Best Restaurant Ambience - Tanzini
Taste MIGF Awards Judges' Choice
Most Creative Innovative Cuisine at Taste MIGF – Tanzini

Malaysia Tattler

Malaysia Tattler’s Best Restaurant 2014 - Tanzini

Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards (HAPA) 2013 - 2015

HAPA Master Chef (Western) - Master of Fine Cuisine
HAPA King of Kitchens - Ambassador of Cuisine
HAPA Master Chef (Pastry) - Captain of Creativity
HAPA Restaurant of the Year - Dining Experiences (Hotels/Resorts) - Tanzini Upperdeck
HAPA Night Spot of the Year - Outstanding Concept - Bridge Bar
HAPA Night Spot of the Year - Outstanding Concept - VIEW Rooftop Bar

MONIN Cup Malaysia 2014

MONIN Cup Malaysia 2014, Cocktail Specialist 2015 - Champion Joel John Timis, View Rooftop Bar
MONIN Cup Malaysia 2014, Cocktail Specialist 2015 -
1st Runner-up Kavirath, View Rooftop Bar

World MONIN Cup Final 2014

MONIN Cup Final 2014, Paris - 6th World Ranking Joel John Timis, View Rooftop Bar

Mount Gay Rum 2014

Mount Gay Rum, Storied Cocktail Challenge 2014 - 2nd Runner-up Joel John Timis, View Rooftop Bar

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Elements is Malaysia’s first Integrative Functional Medical Fitness Centre. In the USA, Functional Medicine is one of the fastest growing medical trends, and focuses on personalised, predictive and preventive medicine.

Elements is leading the trend away from medicating every symptom, and instead focuses on treating the root cause of diseases by ensuring a thorough diagnosis, and implementing fundamental changes to diet, exercise, stress and other factors that drive ill health. Elements is supported by a core practitioner team consisting of Medical Doctors, Nutritionists, Physiotherapists, Mind therapists and Exercise specialists.

By integrating all elements we offer personalised one on one treatment programs for individuals and corporates by incorporating their physical, mental and overall well-being.

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Macro Lynx Sdn Bhd

Macro Lynx Sdn Bhd ("ML"), a wholly owned subsidiary of Goldis Berhad was incorporated in 1995. Established initially to capitalize on the e-commerce sector, ML shifted its core business to the telco industry as an Internet Service Provider (“ISP”) in year 2001.

With the purpose of connecting communities across the globe, ML provides online connectivity to individuals, homes and business, transmitting data and voice through its own independent wireless network; Metro-E and FTTP (“Fiber-To-The Premises”) infrastructure in addition to an ever-growing telephone and cable network. Apart from ISP, ML also provides the following services.

Data Services which includes Global Ethernet Services (example: IEPL), Global VPN Services (example: IP-VPN), Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) and Lease line by working closely with strategic partners.
ICT Infrastructure Services by providing ICT solution and implementation and to date has undertaken and successfully implemented partnership projects with Mid Valley City, GTower, Menara Binjai and Plaza 33.
Network Facilitator and System Integrator for Mid Valley City, GTower, Menara UOA Bangsar and Menara Binjai.

ML is a registered licence holder of the Individual Network Facilities Provider (“NFP”) and Network Services Provider (“NSP”) with the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (“MCMC”).

The evolution of ML over the past decade has seen ML climbing the value chain with highly successful partnership on delivery to major clients such as KLIA, Mid Valley City, GTower and Menara Binjai, to name a few.

Awards & Accreditations:

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AFMS Solutions Sdn Bhd

AFMS kicked off its operations following its establishment in 2015. AFMS is in the business of providing consultancy services, focusing on areas of building and mall management. Specifically, AFMS aim to provide clients with innovative business solutions using big data analytics to improve people, processes and systems. As a new business, AFMS worked to raise awareness around who AFMS is and what AFMS can offer, seeking to educate potential clients about the benefit of AFMS services.

Crest Spring (Shanghai) Co. Ltd

Crest Spring (Shanghai) Co. Ltd ("Crest Spring") is a subsidiary of GoldChina Sdn Bhd, which is a subsidiary of Goldis Berhad.

The Group is involved in the following services :-
  • The provision of engineering services for pure water and waste water treatment in various industries such as microelectronics, petrochemicals, power plants, municipal waste water, waste water recycle system and city water supply scheme.
  • The provision of operation and maintenance services.
  • The sale of water and waste water treatment equipment, spares and consumables such as membrane filters, water filtration/ purification systems and water disinfecting systems mainly for industrial and commercial use.
  • Participation in the privatization of Municipal and Industrial Waste Water and City Water Scheme.

There has been a growing demand in water quality both in the drinking water and waste water recycling sectors. This has led to an expanding requirement for treatment processes and equipment from screening to physical and chemical disinfection technology. As the water and waste water treatment industry in the People's Republic of China (PRC) is relatively undeveloped and new when compared to the industry in Europe and USA, the growth for Crest Spring in the PRC is tremendous.

The rapid rate of urbanization and industrialization in the PRC has led to an increase in awareness on the damages of waste water discharging into the open environment threatening the water resources. This has led to governmental initiatives to develop legislation to regulate the discharge of waste water. The enactment of more stringent regulations and standards together with the improved enforcement of such regulations will lead to an increase in demand for the services of Crest Spring.

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