Goldis Berhad (“Goldis”), formed after the merger of Tan & Tan Developments Berhad and IGB Corporation Berhad, has its roots in property development dating back several decades. Goldis currently holds 73.43% shareholding in IGB Corporation Berhad.

Goldis has evolved into a private equity investment house, with a focus on the new economy. The private equity arm is active in countries mainly in Malaysia and China. We create new value in the economy while retaining roots within three key areas i.e. innovation, quality and integrity. At Goldis we continue to remain faithful to our vision of growing new businesses via the private equity model. Our belief remains in investing in passionate and driven entrepreneurs who grow our companies. We focus on diversification and venturing into more business investments. Goldis principle investment strategy has always been to continuously identify and invest in sectors with high growth potential and to build businesses within those sectors. We groom and support the small companies in terms of transaction support and portfolio oversight. In addition to all these strategic and diverse business investments, Goldis continues to seek new investments and opportunities. Goldis is actively looking for new investments to grow future business and to mark important milestones for this company. The new investments will be more on Green Technology, Life Sciences, food and healthcare, as projects such as these hold tremendous potential for tackling energy deficits, boosting economic growth and improving people’s lives.

We will continuously seek to refresh our investment portfolio. We are also looking to assess synergistic/strategic business opportunities. Please contact us if you have any interesting opportunities for our review.

Goldis’ first 10 year cycle of private equity investments has seen the realization of value in the sale of Hoe Pharmaceuticals Sdn Bhd Group and Macro Kiosk Berhad Group. Goldis is now actively embarking on our new 10 year cycle of private equity investments.

In line with the company's efforts to improve living and working lifestyle, Goldis focuses on:

• Life Sciences
• Information and Communications Technology ("ICT")
• Water/waste water treatment
• Investments in emerging markets
• Property investment

Elements Integrative Health Sdn Bhd (“Elements”) is Malaysia’s first Integrative Functional Medical Fitness Centre. In the USA, Functional Medicine is one of the fastest growing medical trends, and focuses on personalised, predictive and preventive medicine.

Elements is leading the trend away from medicating every symptom, and instead focuses on treating the root cause of diseases by ensuring a thorough diagnosis, and implementing fundamental changes to diet, exercise, stress and other factors that drive ill health. Elements is supported by a core practitioner team consisting of Medical Doctors, Nutritionists, Physiotherapists, Mind therapists and Exercise specialists.

By integrating all elements we offer personalised one on one treatment programs for individuals and corporates by incorporating their physical, mental and overall well-being.

Bridging the digital divide is a vital business imperative for the future. Goldis has strategic investment in Macro Lynx Sdn Bhd (

Macro Lynx Sdn Bhd provides business communications solutions offering wired and wireless data services.

One of our notable property investments in GTower has gained many recognition and accolades for being the first Green Building in Malaysia rated Grade A++. It also achieved a plus for international “environment-friendly” standard from Singapore’s prestigious Building & Construction Authority (BCA) Green Mark GOLD certification and another plus for being conferred the prestigious Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) Cyber status.

GTower is strategically located at 199, Jalan Tun Razak, near the Jalan Ampang corner straddling two major arterial roads of Kuala Lumpur. This SMART building with low energy design features and superior fiber connectivity, offers a unique 24 hour/ 7 day New Working Concept, integrating Offices, Hotel, restaurants, Club floor and facilities under one roof. GTower was completed in 2009 and will provide long term recurring investment returns (

Corporate social responsibility forms an essential part of our business processes and corporate culture. Goldis has launched a unique web-based platform through (GIG) in 2012. This platform helps charities fulfil their needs through reaching out to people who wish to play a part in making a difference. Through our website, members of public, including individuals and organisations, can support our registered charities by donating items that meet their specific needs, and by doing so prevent wastage in resources.

We strive to make all our activities sustainable, committed and transparent.


Some of the benchmark investment criteria include:

- Drive, passion and experience of the Entrepreneur
- Market demand of the products/services
- Innovativeness/inventiveness of the products/services
- Market scale and business scalability
- Good value propositions
- Sound business model and sound business ethics
- No animal testing
- Synergies to the group's current businesses

At Goldis, We Invest in Entrepreneurs who grow our Companies.

'A Step Ahead, Always'

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